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Analytical Reasoning - Types Of Questions

What ever types of question is there it is a logical question. In GAT or GRE question asked by examiner generally from the following conditions:


Question may come from such condition in which you asked to place people or objects in order according to some kind of ranking. 

For example:

Age, height, weight, Stealing Arrangement, Grades assigned to exam or any kind of question in which you organize the people or objects.

Sample Question:

Four captains and first mates of three of them were called to attend the annual meeting at head quarters. The captains were Luqman, Manzor, Nauman and Osaf; the first mates were Ayesha, Durya, and Gia. Each person in turn delivered a report to chairperson as follows:
Each of the first mates delivered their report exactly after her captain. The first captain to speak was manzoor and captain nauman spoke after him.

(Represent the person with first letter of his name)


1- Which of the following order of delivering report is not conformable with the     

A- M, A, N, G, O, L, D
B- M, D, N, G, L, O, A
C- M, N, A, L, D, O, G
D- M, N, A, O, D, L, G
E- M, N, G, D, O, L, A

The best option is E because from given condition two mates cannot together. Moreover, Two captain can present consecutively because one captain has no mate.

Analytical Reasoning - An Overview

The Analytical Reasoning section of GAT or GRE is nothing but a test of logical thinking. Informally the analytical reasoning test is known as "logic games". Questions in this section always comes in a group of four to seven and based on initial set of conditions and rules along with additional information.

It is very successful tips to solve Analytical Reasoning questions that draw a rough diagram only on the basis of information given in question and do not include your assumptions. Such a diagram can  help you to answer the questions at a Glance.

In logic or Analytical Reasoning formal training is bot required to answer these questions. These questions are intended to be answered using knowledge, skills and reasoning ability generally expected of graduates.

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Analytical Ability - An Overview

In simple words we can define Analytical Ability as to look at the way in which person can analyze information and draw logical conclusion. The analytical section of GAT is consist of two logical sections that are Analytical reasoning and Logical reasoning. Each of these section contains almost equal number of questions. However, GAT A, GAT B and GAT C have different number of questions in this section. GAT A comprises 40%, GAT B comprises 25% and GAT C comprises of 30%. For detail of what GAT A ,GAT B and GAT C are cilck here.

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GAT registration

The candidate is required to register for appearing in the GAT Test as scheduled by NTS. The registration process is given below:

  • Download GAT registration form (typeable) and bank deposit slip from NTS website (Registration form is available on website only.
  • Deposit Rs. 700/- (Rupees Seven Hundred only) through online bank deposit slip in the online branches of MCB, UBL or ABL. (See bank service charges on deposit slip)
  • Attach 2 photographs (1 x 1.5 inch) at the front of this Registration Form. All candidates are required to provide their photographs with full face exposure.
  • Do not send any documents other than two photos and original bank deposit slip along with your GAT Registration Form.
Download Application Form

Introduction to GAT-General

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) aims to assess the verbal, quantitative and analytical abilities that have been attained over a period and that are not necessarily related to any specific field of study. GAT is often required for public sector universities master's degree and M. Phil programs and some time also required for jobs in public sector organizations. Moreover, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan requires GAT for awarding scholarships through its scholarships schemes.

HEC has assigned National Testing Service (NTS) Pakistan, the responsibility to conduct GRE Type Test i.e. Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL for admissions in M.Phil and HEC Scholarship Schemes and GAT-SUBJECT for PhD. Programmes.

Note: The test result will remain valid for TWO YEAR for admissions and HEC Scholarship Schemes.

Sub Topics:
1- Types of GAT-General Types
2- GAT Format
3- List of Disciplines for GAT-General
4- GAT-General Test Schedule