Thursday, November 11, 2010


Each category of GAT-General comprises of many disciplines. You must be confident in which category you should apply. The only difference between categories A,B and C of GAT General is the different number of questions in three sections, which merely alter your time distribution for the preparation of the GAT's sections.
You may have latest information about GAT distribution from:

Engineering & Technology
   Technology includes
   Management engineering
   Management information systems
  Technical & Vocational education
  Industrial research
  Engineering including
  Textile engineering
  Industrial engineering
  Computer Engineering
  Civil engineering
  Systems engineering
  Environmental engineering
  Engineering economy
  Engineering meteorology
  Applied mechanics
  Acoustical engineering
  Structural engineering
  Engineering geology
  Transportation engineering
  Applied optics
  Plasma engineering
  Hydraulic engineering
  Environmental Engineering
  Mechanical engineering
  Electrical engineering
  Nuclear engineering
  Mining engineering
Business Education
  Finance all subjects including
  Public Finance
  Finance Management
  Business Administration & Management
Arts & Humanities
  Fine Arts
  Recreational & pergorming arts, Music
  Physical Education and sports
  Languages and Literature
  Museology (Museum science)
  Journalism, Advertisement, Mass Communication
Social Sciences
  Anthropology including
  Physical Anthropology
  Political Science
  International Relations
  Administrative sciences including
  Public Administration
  Library and Archival Sciences
  Religious Studies
  Law and Legislature
Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
   Plant Culture
   Forestry, Horticulture
   Animal Culture
   Aquaculture, Fiesheries
Biological & Medical Sciences
   Biology including
   Evolution & Genetics
   Botanical Sciences
   Zoological Sciences
   Marine Sciences (Biological Aspects)
   Biological Anthropology
  Medicine all subjects including
  Human anatomy, cytology, histology
  Human physiology
  Internal medicine
  Pharmacy, Pharmacology & theraputics
  Medicine (Clinical) including
  Surgery & related medical specialities
  Gynecology related medical specialities
  Experimental medicine
  Public health including
  Promotion of health
  Incidence & prevention of disease
Physical Sciences
   Physics all specialities including
  Electricity & Electronics
  Modern Physics
  Nuclear Physics
  Chemistry all subjects including
  Analytical chemistry
  Astronomy & allied sciences
  Earth (Astronomical geography)
  Mathematical geography
  Earth, Atmosphere & Marine Sciences
  Earth sciences & allied sciences
  Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology
  Petrology, Mineralogy
  Economic geology
  Palentology-Paleozoology, Paleobotany
  Applied Mathematics
  Statistics / Computer Sciences & related disciplines
  Information Technology, Software Engineering

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