Thursday, November 11, 2010

Introduction to GAT-General

Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) aims to assess the verbal, quantitative and analytical abilities that have been attained over a period and that are not necessarily related to any specific field of study. GAT is often required for public sector universities master's degree and M. Phil programs and some time also required for jobs in public sector organizations. Moreover, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan requires GAT for awarding scholarships through its scholarships schemes.

HEC has assigned National Testing Service (NTS) Pakistan, the responsibility to conduct GRE Type Test i.e. Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL for admissions in M.Phil and HEC Scholarship Schemes and GAT-SUBJECT for PhD. Programmes.

Note: The test result will remain valid for TWO YEAR for admissions and HEC Scholarship Schemes.

Sub Topics:
1- Types of GAT-General Types
2- GAT Format
3- List of Disciplines for GAT-General
4- GAT-General Test Schedule

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